A big point that President Donald Trump campaigned on was bringing back the phrase “Merry Christmas.”

It's been criticized in society because it emphasizes “Christ,” and that just doesn't fare well in an increasingly secular world.

MSNBC went into their archives to amass a reel of footage of the previous first family saying Merry Christmas, in effect trolling Trump.

Trump, speaking in the video at a rally in Minnesota and promoting the GOP tax reform said:

“You go to the department stores and you see ‘Happy New Year,’ and you see red, and you see snow, and you see all these things. You don’t see ‘Merry Christmas’ anymore.

With Trump as your president, we are going to be celebrating ‘Merry Christmas’ again, and it’s going to be done with a big, beautiful tax cut.”

Trump has even been critical of President Barack Obama's approach to the holiday, and many people have been pointing out how the Obama's Christmas cards read “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”

Going back into Trump's Twitter feed, we find this:

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