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Actress Alyssa Milano is no stranger to starting a ruckus on Twitter — but she may have tangled with the wrong senator Friday.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), on the other hand, is no stranger to breaking new ground. He is the first African-American senator from South Carolina, and the the first African-American Republican to be elected in a southern state since the post-Civil War reconstruction.

When the two tangled Friday, the fireworks were quick to follow...

It started with Milano, who was watching the Senate deliberations on the tax reform bill — and apparently wasn't happy about it:

The immediate response from Milano's followers was to slam Scott:

But that didn't go so well:

But then author and Emmy Award winner Melissa Jo Peltier weighed in:

And Sen. Scott just couldn't resist:

And for now, at least, Scott is getting the last laugh. Tax reform passed in the Senate early Saturday morning.

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