On Thursday, President Donald Trump took some heat for retweeting — without comment — videos from a group called Britain First.

British Prime Minister Theresa May responded with public criticism, delivered during her own state visit to Amman, Jordan, according to CNN:

As the extraordinary diplomatic clash stretched into a second day, the British ambassador to the US revealed he had expressed concerns to the White House about the affair. Trump also faced an unprecedented barrage of criticism in UK Parliament, where MPs variously called him “racist,” “fascist” and “evil.” Some suggested he should quit Twitter.

Asked about Trump's actions on a visit to Amman, Jordan, May said: “I'm very clear that retweeting from Britain First was the wrong thing to do. Britain First is a hateful organization. It seeks to spread mistrust and division in our communities. It stands against common British decency,” she said.

President Trump was quick to strike back, saying essentially that he didn't need her advice:

But Stephen Colbert disagreed, begging on late-night television for the Queen to take her wayward subjects back:

Here we go again...

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