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It has been nearly a year since President Donald Trump singled out BuzzFeed and CNN in a press briefing — calling them purveyors of “fake news” on live television — but the tagline has persisted as a common theme in many of the president's speeches and tweets since.

Through it all, while calling out The New York Times, CNN, and other networks by name, Trump often refers to the mainstream media in general as the “fake news.”

He has, however, made exceptions along the way — mainly for Fox News, which has been seen as relatively friendly to the president and his administration.

But late Saturday night, Trump was singing the praises of another network: ABC News.

Ross had, on Friday, erroneously reported that while Trump was still candidate Trump, he had ordered Michael Flynn to make contact with Russian officials.

As it turned out, the order came not during the campaign but during the transition — and did not come directly from President-elect Trump even then. The report was corrected, and ABC handed down an unpaid four-week suspension to Ross for his mishandling of it.

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