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Since news broke of the numerous allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, more and more women have spoken out about alleged sexual misconduct that spans generations and industries.

Hollywood “good guy” and award-winning actor Tom Hanks discussed the culture in the entertainment industry during an interview with David Axelrod on CNN's “The Axe Files,” which aired on Saturday.

Hanks explained that there are numerous reasons people go into his line of work, which is “essentially trying to come up with stories that people will pay to see.” While some people are in it for the “fun,” “good living,” and ability to “travel the world,” he noted that some people are in it for one thing: power.

“They just want to have a degree of power because that's the thing that gives them credence,” he explained. “On one hand, it's a parking space with your name on it and take it to another extreme, it's the ability to beat up on underlings and say things like, 'So you want a job? You want to keep your job? Well, then you're gonna have to fulfill these other demands that I have that are of a sexual nature.'”

He agreed that there are without a doubt people like that in Hollywood and explained that influence enables people to be sexual predators but noted that he doesn't believe it's “common core.”

“In a lot of ways we all left town and joined the circus, and the circus is glamorous in a lot of ways,” Hanks revealed. “And there is camaraderie and there is sex and there's attraction and there's boyfriends and girlfriends and there's flirting and that's always been part of ... there's on-set affairs.”

While he noted “there's no law against that,” Hanks added that the accusations that have come out turn that behavior into “a swaying of influence and it becomes part of the marketplace.”

In regards to a workplace where putting up with a “degree of sexual harassment” is necessary to keep your job, Hanks said, “Number one, I hope the victims come out and tell all sorts of stories, everything, tell the truth about what goes on. And that the repercussions land exactly as they should.”

Hanks, whose career spans almost 40 years, said he was surprised by the “overtness” of the accusations, but wasn't surprised by “some of the personalities involved.”

“He [Harvey Weinstein] had a way of doing business,” the actor revealed. “That would not make you surprised to have him be one of those kind of guys that does that in the workplace.”

In terms of other accused members of his industry, he explained that “decorum and ethics” have a time and place and those people “blew it.”

Hanks seemed fairly certain that various projects will emerge about the accusations and victims, however, he wondered if it would be taken from a more “human” angle or entertainment angle.

Watch the preview below, via CNN.

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