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MSNBC weekend host Joy Reid has never been afraid of controversy. To the contrary, she often jumps into it, as they say, with both feet.

Consider the following, just within the past four months:

  • In late November, Reid called “the rural minority” a “core threat to our democracy.”
  • Also in November, Reid ridiculed “thoughts and prayers,” in the wake of the mass shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.
  • In October, Reid slammed White House Chief of Staff John Kelly for the “dehumanization of a black woman.”
  • In August, Reid called President Donald Trump a “bigot,” after the president condemned racism.

Yes, Reid is critical as can be. Except when it comes to herself.

As reported by Mediaite on Saturday, resurfaced archives of 12 blog posts Reid wrote over a three-year period — 2007-2009 — contain anti-gay jokes and “homophobic conspiracies.”

A Twitter user first resurfaced word about Reid's homophobic posts:

Rep. Charlie Crist (R-FL), who's been married twice, has never declared himself to be gay. As Reid sees it, it's all for political expediency:

When a gay politician gets married, it usually indicates that he is highly ambitious, and desires to put himself in a position to move up the power ladder.

One wonders if Reid would have the same thoughts if a high-profile conservative writer made the same comments about a Democrat.

Wait — never mind.

According to Mediaite, Reid's now-defunct “The ”Reid Report" blog posts can be accessed at Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Glass houses. Very dangerous places to throw rocks.

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