Mike Pence Reveals the Four 'Sweetest Words' He and President Trump Hear From People

| DEC 3, 2017 | 8:26 PM
Mike Pence

When it comes to religion, it's no secret where Vice President Mike Pence stands. However, after President Donald Trump referred to Second Corinthians as “Two Corinthians,” people speculated his faith was only voting-booth deep.

On Sunday, during an interview with CBN News, Pence sought to dispel any doubt and said, “Let me be clear: President Trump is a believer, and so am I.”

He explained that both men “understand the role of faith in the life of this nation,” and said the American people should be “encouraged” to know that Trump is a leader who “embraces and respects and appreciates” the importance of religion to American families and communities.

Pence added that as someone who has been in the Oval Office with the president and religious leaders, Trump “readily embraces” requests to pause for prayer.

“Well I think President Trump has a heart of gratitude for evangelical Christians in this country,” Pence continued. “I think he’s always very humbled and grateful by the support of believers.”

Then, Pence revealed the four “sweetest words” he and the president hear from the public. And no, it's not “you have my vote.”

“I have to tell you, the sweetest words the president and I ever hear, and we hear them a lot, are when people grab us by the hand and say, ‘We’re praying for you,'” the vice president admitted.