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Chocolate milk is soon to return to public school lunch menus for tens of millions of kids across America as the Trump administration rolls back Michelle Obama's school lunch guidelines.

Some Twitter users couldn't be more horrified. Then again, other users couldn't be laughing harder — at those who are horrified.

Among other news outlets, ABC News announced the return of chocolate milk — with one percent milk fat — late last week:

Oh, the humanity. Of the rollback, ABC News said, in part:

Critics say the new rules will roll back the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act championed by former first lady Michelle Obama, who worked to tighten nutritional standards for the program as part of her campaign against obesity.

So yeah, some Twitter users were mortified, Vox included:

There were these:

Returning chocolate milk to school lunches is a “racist” move:

On they went. Then again:

On the mocking of the former by the latter went, as well.

Yes, this is where we are in 2017 America. Pitched battles in social media over chocolate milk. One percent milk fat content, no less.

Who'da thunk?

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