Washington Post Company Puts Newsweek Up For Sale

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Marty Baron, editor of The Washington Post, acknowledged Monday that President Donald Trump is more accessible than his predecessor, President Barack Obama.

“He likes to talk to the press as much as he demonizes us,” Baron told a conference on journalism ethics, according to The Washington Examiner.

“It’s not like we had a love-fest with the Obama administration. We tried for two years to get an interview. We do better with the current president in terms of access than the last one," Baron said at the conference.

Some in the press have complained Trump will not do sit down interviews with “real journalists.” But the Post's Baron dispelled these claims.

Baron admitted that although the president often laments the media and their coverage of him, he also reaches out by making calls.

At the conference, some, such as CNN's Jim Acosta, mentioned that they are worried about their safety:

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