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Chris Kyle was America's deadliest sniper. The Pentagon pinned 160 official confirmed kills on his chest. He was a husband and a father, and he was entrenched in a legal battle with Jesse Ventura.

Ventura said that Kyle defamed him in his book, “American Sniper.” Kyle wrote that he punched Ventura out after a fellow SEAL died. Kyle wrote in the book that a man later identified as Ventura said that the SEALS “deserved to lose a few.”

Ventura and Kyle's widow, Taya Kyle, have gone back and forth in the courts since 2012, but now that battle is over. Ventura has finally received his victory. He was just awarded an undisclosed amount. Ventura wouldn't say who would be paying that out, but he clarified that it would not be coming from Taya Kyle.

Ventura, who is apparently still embittered toward Kyle, decided to go after him again:

“I offered Kyle, the 'American liar,' the chance to tell the truth. ... But he didn't have, as I said, the honor or the courage to do that.”

Ventura said he feels confident that he has been “vindicated” and can now “get back into politics,” per KMSP.

To Ventura, it was all positive, despite the name-calling.

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“I can smile again,” he said. “The settlement is confidential, but I can smile.”

Ventura's claim was that Kyle's account defamed his character and prevented him from getting work in the United States. In 2015, he successfully sued Kyle's estate for $1.8 million, but a federal appeals court overturned the decision in 2016.

The former Minnesota governor has been heavily criticized for adding to the grief and anguish of Taya Kyle. He has maintained that she wouldn't have to pay anything:

“Because insurance pays for it all. She hasn't paid 1 cent. How do I know it? It's my case.”

Now that that's settled, let's hope that Ventura can let Kyle finally rest in the peace he deserves.

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