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President Donald Trump may not have had the most retweeted message of 2017. That “honor” went to some guy looking for free chicken nuggets from Wendy’s:

But as you might imagine, Trump’s Twitter account is one of the most popular on the social media platform.

In fact, the social media site says the president’s account is its top political account, according to CNN. The other accounts in the top five are those of Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker Paul Ryan, former President Barack Obama and Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA).

Here are just a few of Trump's most circulated tweets over the past couple of months.

About the kid who asked to mow the White House lawn:

On withdrawing the White House invitation to NBA star Steph Curry:

On standing up for the American flag:

About what he believes is a double standard of justice for Republicans and Democrats:

About the verdict in the killing of Kate Steinle:

On Democrats who say they’re now worried about the national debt:

About how beautifully decorated the White House is for the Christmas holiday:

On underscoring his ongoing theme about “fake news”:

On calling “Rocket Man” Kim Jong Un “short and fat”:

Many believe that Trump’s tweets get him into trouble, and some have pointed to this one, which his political detractors call “evidence” of “obstruction of justice”:

But over the weekend at the Reagan National Defense Forum, current CIA Director Mike Pompeo said that Trump’s tweets aren’t a net negative. In fact, he said, they’ve been helpful.

Watch the CIA chief talk about the attributes of Trump's tweets and Pompeo's coup de grace at the end.

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