Jeff Flake

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Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), who is retiring from Congress over his opposition to President Donald Trump, just dug his heels in even deeper. He wrote a check to Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore’s Democratic opponent.

On Tuesday afternoon, Flake posted a tweet with a photo of a $100 check made out to Senate hopeful Doug Jones, along with the three-word caption, “Country over Party”:

Flake and Trump are worlds apart, politically speaking, despite being members of the same Republican Party. In fact, during his retirement speech in late October, Flake was extremely critical of Trump’s rhetoric and often divisive style.

For his part, Trump has endorsed Moore, whom he described as a “fighter” and a lawmaker who would advance the president's agenda on Capitol Hill. Flake, according to CNN, told reporters the president is “wrong” to support Moore, who is facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Moore is now calling on 100 donors to counter Flake’s $100 protest donation:

The Alabama special election is slated for Dec. 12.

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