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On Wednesday, Time magazine announced its 2017 Person of the Year was “The Silence Breakers.”  The announcement came in the wake of heavy speculation as to who would grace the cover, and the 2016 winner, President Donald Trump, chimed in:

Ultimately, the president was named runner-up for the title, which is often touted as a person who — for better or worse — most influenced the world in which we live.

“By the traditional measures of presidential influence ... Trump has used his first year in office to considerable effect,” Time's Molly Ball wrote.

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She listed a few pieces of legislation and visions that Trump imparted on the world, which included:

  • Backing out of trade deals
  • Confrontation with North Korea
  • Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
  • Rolling back regulations
  • Shrinking federal government
  • Monument removal
  • Possible tax bill

As Trump has proved with his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, legislation may fade. However, Time noted that there is a lasting impact the president has had, which can't be undone with an executive order. Ball wrote:

Trump’s candidacy rewrote the rules of politics. Now he has changed the rules of the presidency.

From turbulent relationships to tweets, Time explained, “­no other Commander in Chief has broadcast his outbursts in such an unfiltered torrent.”


Ball explained that the president's constant comments “keep Trump at the center of the story” and everyone from ordinary American workers to foreign leaders have a vested interest in his never-before-seen way of governing.

While Trump certainly has his share of outspoken detractors, Ball turned to history with an example America may OK. Just as Trump's actions spark speculation of the world's collapse, she noted it was the same under former President George W. Bush and Obama, but “the nation survived.”

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Her profile on Trump ended with a powerful statement on how Trump “commands more than just the levers of executive power,” also captivating the nation and the entire world.

“Trump has invaded our attention in ways previous Presidents never did,” Ball wrote. “This has been Year One of Trump’s presidency, and the Trump show continues unabated. The reviews may be mixed, but no one can turn away.”

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