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Yet another woman has come forward with an accusation of sexual misconduct against Sen. Al Franken (D-MN).

The unnamed woman, a former Democratic congressional aide, told Politico that Franken tried to forcibly kiss her in 2006 following the taping of his radio show. Franken was elected to office in 2008:

He was between me and the door and he was coming at me to kiss me. It was very quick and I think my brain had to work really hard to be like, “Wait, what is happening?” But I knew whatever was happening was not right, and I ducked.

I was really startled by it and I just sort of booked it towards the door and he said, “It's my right as an entertainer.”

The ex-staffer was in her mid-20s at the time. She said she did not respond to Franken, whom she had never met prior to the alleged encounter.

In a statement to Politico, Franken described the claim as “categorically not true,” calling the “entertainer” line “preposterous.”

“I look forward to fully cooperating with the ongoing ethics committee investigation,” he added.

Several women have accused Franken of either groping them or attempting to forcibly kiss them. The Democratic lawmaker has said he is “ashamed” of the other alleged encounters but has noted he doesn't recall them in the same way the women have recounted them.

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“I don't want to be in the position of deciding whether to tell this story, but I'm not the person who put me in that position — he did that,” Franken's most recent accuser said. “I think for this moment in time to lead to meaningful change, there has to be more than 'I'm ashamed but I remember things differently' accounting.”

Franken's accusers started coming forward after former model Leeann Tweeden, now a radio host, said in November that Franken groped her chest and forcibly kissed her during a 2006 USO tour.

Franken is refusing to resign.

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