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Sharon Reed

While public figures generally ignore emails criticizing their work, CBS News 46 anchor Sharon Reed decided a particular one she received warranted some on-air attention.

The sender, identified as Kathy Rae, began with the claim that Reed should be fired for a “race-baiting” comment she made on the show and used a vile word to describe the anchor.

Reed noted that Rae didn't properly censor the word n****r and said that she “mischaracterized” her point. The anchor claimed she actually believes race is an “authentic discussion” to have and explained that in an argument, it's important to not “mischaracterize” a statement.

Reed said she won't do that to Rae and added, “I get it.” Then, in one sentence, she powerfully articulated how disturbing the email was:

Credit: Independent Journal Review/CBS News 46

Reed added that she doesn't think it's OK and, instead of saying another word about Rae, decided to let the sender's words “speak for themselves.”

Watch below.

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