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If you Google the capital of Israel, the results would tell you that Jerusalem is the capital but all the embassies are in Tel Aviv. Since Jerusalem is sacred to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, it has been regarded as off limits when it comes to embassies and politics.

Changing this has been on President Donald Trump's list since his campaign. And now, he's formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The world's reaction has not been accepting of this move, to say the least.

Ben Shapiro joined Fox News to share his support of this idea:

"It's obviously an act of not only political bravery, but moral courage...

The absurdity of U.S. policy suggesting that Jerusalem is not Israel's capital has resulted in idiocies, like the fact that my niece, who was born in Jerusalem, it says on her passport 'Jerusalem,' but then doesn't say which country she is from.

Jerusalem is only important to the world because of Judaism. It's important to Christianity, because it was first important to Judaism. It's important to Islam, because it was first important to Judaism. Jerusalem is mentioned hundreds of times in the Jewish texts. Jerusalem mentioned in the Israeli national anthem."

He further praised President Trump's bold stance:

“What President Trump is doing is not just a recognition of reality, it's also an act of political usefulness.”

He closed by adding:

“For President Trump to recognize that this isn't going anywhere, that the freedom of Israel is just inherently connected with the freedom of Jerusalem ... it's a recognition of a reality that's necessary in order for real peace to be achieved in the region, not based on false stupidities that have been promulgated for the last couple decades.”

In March 2016, Trump declared:

“We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem.”

Some world leaders have held their breath, hoping this campaign promise would never be fulfilled, but it appears Trump is very determined to make this happen.

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