Hillary Clinton

The so-called “Resistance” is going to an entirely new level — a Christmas level, to be specific.

A UK-based company, Women To Look Up To, is selling 3D-sculpted Christmas tree toppers resembling former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for those who are still bitter over the results of the 2016 presidential election.

The ornament, which is roughly $107, is intended to replace the traditional angelic being on top of the Christmas tree and has been dubbed the symbol of “Resistmas.” It’s earning quite a bit of attention on social media:

The company’s founders told The Independent they were tired of the traditional Christmas decor and decided to create toppers resembling Clinton, tennis champion Serena Williams and pop star Beyoncé.

“Last Christmas, we looked up at the top of our Christmas tree, where the same old frumpy fairy we had been putting up for years sat looking down on us,” they said:

We just felt uninspired, like she was a bit of a forgotten figure, even as a Catholic family, we didn’t really understand why it was such a tradition to place this outdated representation of a woman, or sometimes a man as the story turns out.

Traditions can be borrowed and change with the needs of the times, as we felt the need was definitely there, in a world where we need positive role models more than ever before.

Here’s the Clinton topper in all its glory:

This really is the election that never ends, folks.

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