Another Country Follows Trump's Lead and Recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

| DEC 6, 2017 | 11:54 PM
Trump (2)

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On Wednesday, President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

“Israel is a sovereign nation with the right, like every other sovereign nation, to determine its own capital,” Trump said. “Acknowledging this is a fact is a necessary condition for achieving peace.”

He added the acknowledgment is “nothing more or less than a recognition of reality” and called it “the right thing to do.”

In response, the terror group Hamas called for the youth and Palestinian resistance to “respond with all means available,” but Israelis celebrated the announcement.

Similarly to citizens, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had contrasting sentiments.

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On Wednesday, another country followed the American president's lead. The Jerusalem Post reported the Czech Republic's foreign ministry website declared:

“The Czech Republic currently, before the peace between Israel and Palestine is signed, recognizes Jerusalem to be in fact the capital of Israel in the borders of the demarcation line from 1967.”

It added that along with other members of the European Union, the Czech Republic considers the controversial land of Jerusalem to be the “future capital of both states,” in reference to Israel and Palestine.

In regards to moving its embassy, the Jerusalem Post reported the foreign ministry said a move will only be considered as a result of negotiations.