In the wake of sexual misconduct allegations from an eighth woman, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) announced Thursday he plans to resign in the coming weeks.

According to a Washington Post editorial, Franken's willingness to fall on the sword for the sake of his party proved the Democratic Party was the only one with “any integrity”:

But Ben Shapiro isn't so sure that's the case. He told Dana Perino during a segment of her Fox News show “The Daily Briefing” he got a very different impression from Franken's remarks (emphasis added):

"I don't think Franken's statement did that, because Franken basically walked out said, 'I'm innocent, but I'm leaving anyway.' That allows everybody else to say, 'I'm innocent, and I'm not leaving.'

If Franken really had any brains, what he would have done is he would have said, 'I made some mistakes in my life, and now, I'm gonna do penance for them, and I wish that the president of the United States would do the same.'

He didn't have the smarts to do that or the lack of ego to do that — so instead, he didn't even take one for the team here. He's just leaving, and he's mad about it."

What's more, Shapiro isn't even sure Franken is really going to resign:

"To be frank with you, I'm not sure he's even gonna leave. I mean, he says he's gonna leave in a few weeks, but let's say that Roy Moore is elected, and then, he's seated without an ethics investigation; then, he turns around, Franken, and says, 'Moore is here. You're gonna throw me out, but you're gonna keep Moore?'

I think Franken is still trying to hold on. So I think the idea that he is ... you know, he is going to be the example, the guy the Democrats pushed out so that Trump and Moore have to go ... it's gonna be kinda weak."

Watch Shapiro's comments below.

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