It's CNN's Tapper vs. Fox's Miller in a Battle of the Headlines — And Boy, Does It Get Ugly

| DEC 31, 2017 | 12:11 AM

Fox News Channel/Chris Green/Wikimedia Commons

Massive protests over government corruption and poor living conditions broke out in Iran just after Christmas — and it was enough to make most of the world take notice.

President Donald Trump, who had already declared January a month of awareness of human rights violations, responded via Twitter:

But some noticed a lack of coverage among American media outlets — and the end result was a knock-down-drag-out brawl between two rival network employees.

Stephen Miller, an op-ed contributor at Fox News, started it:

CNN's Jake Tapper (“State of the Union,” “The Lead”) wasn't about to take that lying down:

But Miller was far from finished:

Then Tapper went for the low blow:

But ...

Then Tapper dropped the knowledge:

But ...

Uh-oh. Tapper noticed something other than Iranian protests on the Fox News page, and the gloves came off:

But it was Miller who dropped the mic:

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