GOP Lawmaker Blows Up on CNN Live: 'This Isn't a News Operation!'

| JAN 6, 2018 | 2:17 AM

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) appeared on CNN in an interview with Ana Cabrera on Friday to discuss Attorney General Jeff Sessions's criticism and recusal from the Russia investigation.

Rohrabacher suggested Sessions should have handled the situation differently in order to avoid the appointment of a special counsel because they have “no restrictions,” but then, it got very heated when Cabrera jumped in.

Cabrera tried to discredit Rohrabacher's points, bringing up that the special counsel was a Republican and appointed under a Republican president. When Rohrabacher tried to jump back in, she cut him off and continued.

Eventually, he started to go off. He stated, "Maybe somebody who is your guest should be able to say a few words. Your last interviews had nobody on the other side of the issue coming in to have the discussion with CNN. Maybe you should give me a chance, when you have me on your program, to express my opinion.”

Rohrabacher then explained that Robert Mueller's investigation has only come up with a couple of things and had nothing to do with collusion with Russia.

Over and over, Cabrera interrupted and then Rohrabacher snapped:

“Please, you might let me make my point before you interrupt me and try to refute me. This isn’t a news operation! This is what the president is upset about. He’s not getting a fair share from you and from the other media and things like this that will try to build into something sinister has happened.”

Cabrera tried to recover by claiming she was not trying to show any disrespect.

He responded:

“No disrespect? I got no respect. No disrespect? You don’t respect Trump, you don’t respect people who disagree with you politically and that’s why the news media, which has an agenda, drives special prosecutors.”

Watch the heated exchange below:

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