Amazon's Jeff Bezos Just Became Richest Person Ever. Here's What He Could Buy With His $105 Billion

| JAN 9, 2018 | 9:56 PM

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It's hard to appreciate just how much money Jeff Bezos is worth.

Americans may have gained some insight when they heard in 2016 about the Obama administration's $400 million down payment for the $1.7 billion payoff to IranCNN reported that the U.S. had to scrape up “Swiss francs, euros and other currencies” (because it was illegal to send U.S. dollars), shrink wrap it onto pallets, and stuff the money into an unmarked cargo plane.


That's a lot of money.

For Bezos, that's a mere fraction of the money he has earned from his business exploits — and The Washington Post.

That's because Bezos is the richest man ever in modern times.

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Bloomberg reports Bezos just eclipsed Bill Gates to become the richest man in the world, with his net worth pegged at $105 billion.

To give you an idea of how much that is, here's what “only” $1 billion looks like:

Credit: Independent Journal Review/YouTube

Assuming the money was transported in the Boeing C-17 Globemaster, a beast of a cargo plane, Bezos could have written a check for the price of the plane, too ($203 million). Indeed, Bezos could buy 500 of those Globemasters and have millions left over.

Speaking of aircraft, Bezos owns a space exploration company, Blue Origin.

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But if Bezos wanted the “best” of everything, here's what else he could buy:

The World's Most Expensive Car: 50,000 of Them


According to CBS News, the Swedish-made Koenigsegg Trevita is the most expensive car in the world at $2.21 million. It's more expensive than a Maybach, Pagani, or Aston Martin One-77. It has a top speed of 245 miles per hour and goes from 0-62 in 2.9 seconds. Bezos could have a fleet of 50,000 of these if he wanted to.

Most Expensive House in the World — Times 105

That building may look as if it’s right out of a Disney movie, but it’s an actual house and is located in Mumbai, India.

“Antilia” is a 27-story, 400,000-square-foot skyscraper that sits on the ritzy Altamount Road. Bezos could fit 168 of his “50,000” world's most expensive cars in the garage.

CBS News reports that the home comes complete with “a ballroom, three helipads, gardens, a temple, guest suites, and a home theater that seats 50.” What, no room for a Globemaster? It costs $1 billion.

Bill Gates' Home, 836 Times

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Gates' complex sits right on Lake Washington in Medina, a burg near Seattle. Bezos lives nearby. CBS News reports that Gates' 66,000-square-foot “smart” complex includes a “3,900-square-foot pool building, 2,500-square-foot gym, a 2,100-square-foot library with a dome ceiling, a 2,300-square-foot reception hall, a 6,300-square-foot underground garage and many other amenities.” It’s valued at $125 million. Bezos could buy 836 of his neighbor's homes.

Richard Branson's Island, 867 Times


Even though airline and music mogul Richard Branson's Necker Island was heavily damaged during Hurricane Irma, it's still worth $122 million, according to The Sun. That means that Bezos could buy 867 of Branson's playground for the rich and famous.

Bezos could buy it all. As for the rest of us, we'd be perfectly happy with just one of each.

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