Reporter Tries to Corner Sarah Sanders With 'Ridiculous' Trump Question — It Does Not End Well

| JAN 11, 2018 | 9:19 PM

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got a little feisty with a reporter on Thursday when pressed on President Donald Trump's position on Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act.

Here's exactly what Trump said about the issue on Twitter:

Referring to the tweet above, a reporter said to Sanders:

“His tweet today was confusing. It was contradictory. It just was. So how are people supposed to trust ... that the people representing the president's position actually are?”

“I think that the premise of your question is completely ridiculous and shows the lack of knowledge that you have on this process,” Sanders shot back.

The look on Sanders' face really says it all.

She then went on to explain the president's position for what she said was the “10th time.”

“The president supports the 702, but he has some very strong concerns about the FISA program more generally,” Sanders added. “Again, this is why he put out a memo last week outlining such and why the DNI director put out a new policy this morning. I'm not sure what the confusion is there.”

When the reporter again asked Sanders if she found President Trump's recent tweets confusing, Sanders had one more line for her.

“It wasn't confusing to me. I'm sorry if it was for you,” she said.


Watch the exchange below: