Ben Shapiro: 'To Be Fair to the President, Some Countries Are Really Crappy'

| JAN 12, 2018 | 6:30 PM


The internet is ablaze with what President Donald Trump allegedly said about people coming from Haiti and African nations.

There is no audio or video of this being spoken, and Trump denied the accusations in a tweet Friday morning:

Ben Shapiro joined Fox News to provide an analysis of what was reportedly said:

"There are really two comments that he made. There's the one where he said, 'Why are we letting all these people from bleep-hole countries into the country?' And then he said something about 'All these Haitians, they should be deported or something.'


That second accusation seems much less well-substantiated than the first in terms of the sourcing that the Washington Post used. And it's the second accusation that is worse in a lot of ways ... to be fair to the president, some countries are really crappy."

Shapiro laid a logical approach to understanding the president's alleged comments and diffused some of the knee-jerk reactions people are having.

He went on to say:

"The second way of reading it is the way which imputes bigotry to the president. I think it requires a little bit of a jump, and that's the idea that the president was saying, 'We don't want people from these bleep-hole countries, because they're bleep-hole people.'


Without his exact wording, and without any exact context in what he was saying ... how you view this is a Rorschach test on how you view the president."

Later, off the air, Shapiro backed up his statements he made on air:

Shapiro was accused of defending the president's alleged remarks, but he clearly stated that if, indeed, the president said these things, he was wrong, and Trump should not have waited 15 hours to deny he said these things.

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