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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Holds Briefing At White House

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In mid-December, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered her nominations for the stories she felt were the most underreported in 2017 — one of which was what she referred to as the “booming Trump economy”:

Not even one month later, Sanders tweeted about the “booming Trump economy” again — this time with a rare hat tip to The Washington Post:

The article she cited was not necessarily pro-Trump — its headline reads “'This is super tight': Companies struggle to find, retain workers in a hot economy” — but it accidentally makes the point that President Donald Trump's policies have brought an economy that is favorable to workers:

This is what full employment looks like. A decade after the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, the United States suddenly finds itself at a place where almost everyone who wants a job can find one. The unemployment rate in December was 4.1 percent, leaving employers struggling to attract and retain good workers and raising the prospect of higher wages as the United States approaches congressional elections in November.

Of course, this also flies in the face of the largely Democrat-driven narrative that the Trump economy and tax plan serve mainly to benefit the super-rich and large corporations:

Last month, Congress approved the $1.5 trillion tax cut that economists say will further stimulate the economy.

Millions of aging or discouraged workers who retreated to the sidelines in the aftermath of the recession will likely be drawn back into the workforce. That would be a healthy development, unless the job market gets so tight that employers engage in bidding wars that rapidly drive wages and prices higher.

Employer bidding wars almost always favor the workers, resulting in higher wages and better benefits.

The only question that remains is whether or not the number of available skilled workers will be able to keep pace with the “booming Trump economy's” current upward trajectory.

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