Student Who Recorded Teacher's Anti-Military Rant Wants to Join Marines Like His Father, Who Served in Afghanistan

| JAN 30, 2018 | 5:54 PM

When his teacher, Gregory Salcido, went off on an anti-military rant, Victor Quinonez, a student at El Rancho High School, recorded it in a video that has now gone viral.

In the video, Salcido called service members the “lowest of our low,” questioned their intelligence and degraded the recruiting tactic that the military is a way to offset college expenses.

At the time, Quinonez, who is a senior, was wearing a Marine Corps sweatshirt, which prompted the teacher to say, “You better not go.”

However, the senior does want to go and serve in the Marines, and he told KTLA that the same day as the rant, Salcido made him stand in front of the class and explain why he wanted to join.

His father, Vincent, explained that he can say “what he wants” under the guardianship of free speech. However, he took umbrage with the manner in which it was said.

“To say it to the youth is wrong,” he told KTLA. “To bully my son is wrong, to discriminate against people who want to be in the military is wrong.”

The disparaging comments about the military weren't just targeted at Quinonez, but at service members as a whole, which includes his father. Vincent is a veteran of the Marine Corps and served a tour in Afghanistan. He offered a glimpse into the sacrifices of the military:

“A lot of people say bad things about the military, but like I'm saying, they don't see the sacrifices we've made. A lot of family parties, a lot of birthday parties, a lot of first steps, first words we've missed while we're overseas trying to give people that blanket of freedom.”

Victor's mother, Karen, told KTLA that she believes Salcido should have his teaching license revoked.

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