Armed Robbers Assault Woman, Then Her Husband Whips Out a Gun of His Own

| JAN 31, 2018 | 9:33 PM

The owner of a liquor store in St. Paul, Minnesota, used his own gun to prevent an armed robbery and stopped two masked men from continuing to assault a woman, who happened to be his wife.

According to CBS Minnesota, the masked men walked into Princess Liquors on the evening of Jan. 22 and started to assault the woman working behind the counter.

Kristi Miller, the owner of Maple Leaf Barbers, told CBS Minnesota that given the quiet nature of the evening, “it would have been an easy target.”

It's unclear if the men, one of whom was armed, believed it'd be a quick and easy cash grab. However, it's unlikely they expected the woman's husband, who is also the store's owner, to have his own gun on his person.

“One of them was beating on his wife, so he shot him,” Miller explained.

The Star Tribune reported that both men ran out of the store after the shooting. Willie Young-Ferba, 23, was identified as the suspect who was shot and was found nearby.

He was taken to the hospital, where he died. Despite being only 23, he had a lengthy criminal history, according to CBS Minnesota.

“They carry everything out, they do everything themselves,” Miller said of the liquor store owners. “He works every single day and then she works a day job and comes there and works nights.”

According to the Star Tribune, the owner's wife was taken to the hospital to be treated for noncritical injuries. Police Cmdr. Dave Kvam told the Star Tribune that her husband does have a state-issued permit to carry a firearm, although it's unnecessary when the firearm is on the premise for protecting a business.