Trump Calls Democrats 'Un-American,' Asks if They Committed 'Treason' With Behavior During His SOTU

| FEB 5, 2018 | 9:42 PM

Win McNamee/Getty Images

During a speech given Monday at a manufacturing plant in Ohio, President Donald Trump called out Democrats for not applauding during his State of the Union speech last week.

“They were like death and un-American,” Trump said, according to Time. “Un-American. Somebody said 'treasonous.' I mean, yeah, I guess, why not? Can we call that treason? Why not? I mean, they certainly didn't seem to love our country very much.”

Although not clapping for the opposite side has become a tradition, many clap during bipartisan moments. Democrats' unwillingness to do so during President Trump's speech is yet another example of the widening gap between parties and how unfavorable Trump is to left-leaning politicians.

“I said you have the lowest black unemployment in the history of our country,” Trump said. “It was like ... It was a game, you know it's a game. They play games. They were told don't even make a facial movement.”

Trump stated that the Democratic Party was not interested in seeing the country succeed.

“That means they would rather see Trump do badly than our country do well,” Trump added.

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