Watch: Irate Parents Give School Board an Earful Over Teacher's Anti-Military Comments

| FEB 7, 2018 | 3:20 PM

An overwhelming amount of community members showed up at a school board meeting at the El Rancho High School gym in Pico Rivera, California, to voice their outrage over high school teacher Gregory Salcido's anti-military rant.

According to NBC Los Angeles, after last week's special board meeting overflowed with attendees, Tuesday's meeting was moved to the school's gymnasium to accommodate the over 100 community members in attendance.

“I know you have due process,” Marine Corps veteran Dewey Fisher said. “Do your thing and then shake his a** out of here.”

Another attendee called the meeting about “the abuse of power,” and Victor Quinonez, who was the target of the rant, said he appreciates the support.

“The bullying has to stop,” ABC 7 reported Cynthia Perry Lopez declared during the meeting. “What Greg Salcido has done amounts to bullying.”

The school said the board meeting would not be an announcement of Salcido's future, but instead a place for people to have their opinions heard. Robert Mejia, also a military veteran, said allowing Salcido back into the classroom is to “endorse his comments.”

“I was truly disgusted,” Quinonez's father, Vincent, who is a Marine veteran, told ABC 7. “I could not believe that we allow educators to talk to our children like this. It's just unbelievable.”

The student's aunt, Olivia Chavez-Carrol, also spoke at the meeting and likened educators to doctors and lawyers. She explained that just as there are expectations of those professions, there are expectations of educators and that Salcido “crossed that line.”

During an interview with CBS News Los Angeles, Vincent explained that while his son's video has garnered the attention, it's far from the only time Salcido has berated students. He added that Victor's story has caused others to come forward as well.

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