Kathy Griffin's Public Meltdown Continues as She Attacks Writers Guild at Their Own Event

| FEB 13, 2018 | 6:11 PM

Rick Kern/WireImage/Getty Images

Kathy Griffin seems to be broken by President Donald Trump no more.

Griffin is unsurprisingly in the news after presenting at the Writers Guild Awards on Sunday, attacking attendees while she was supposed to be giving an award.

“It's me, Kathy Griffin — I got a haircut and I lost my career in a day, hi!” she began.

She thanked the writers for “f**king no support” during the backlash she received for being photographed with a fake bloody head of Trump.

“Where the f**k have you been? ... I was supposed to thank everyone for their support, and no one lifted their finger,” Griffin said at the event, which was not televised.

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This was Griffin's first public appearance since the May 2017 controversy surrounding the photograph by Tyler Shields. In addition to social media backlash, she was fired from CNN's “New Year's Eve Live” program and lost various endorsement deals.

Griffin was originally repentant, tearfully apologizing at a press conference last year. However, she seems to have moved past those statements and replaced them with aggressive rhetoric:

Griffin continued to rip apart the Writers Guild during her speech, claiming her story was a warning that anyone's career could be destroyed.

“I want you to learn from my experience, honestly. If you think it can't happen to you, it can, and it can happen like that,” Griffin said. “You may have hated that photo and that's OK, but if one of your 12-year-old kids puts it on Twitter, they shouldn't have to be under a two-month federal investigation, be on the no-fly list, and the Interpol list.”

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