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Ahmad Khan Rahimi, who was convicted of detonating a bomb in New York City that injured 30 people, was sentenced Tuesday to two life terms in prison.

Rahimi, an Afghan-born U.S. citizen, set off a pressure cooker device in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood in September 2016. A second bomb in New Jersey that he had placed alongside a Marine Corps road race failed to detonate.

The bombings led to a two-day manhunt ending with a shootout in Linden, New Jersey, during which Rahimi was shot eight times.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio visited the crime scene in Manhattan shortly after the explosion.

Justin Lane-Pool/Getty Images

“The Chelsea bombing was an attempt to bring our city to its knees. But NYC will never be intimidated. We remain vigilant, resolute and safe,” de Blasio wrote in a tweet after Rahimi's conviction in October.

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“The nature of the crime was heinous, wanton and life-threatening ... it's inexplicable that anyone would do that intentionally,” U.S. District Judge Richard Berman said, according to CNN.

Prosecutors wrote in court papers that Rahimi “is proud of what he did, scornful of the American justice system, and as dedicated as ever to his terrorist ideology,” according to CBS News.

They also say Rahimi, while incarcerated, provided inmates with jihadi propaganda, including speeches by Osama bin Laden. In an interview with WNBC, his father called him a terrorist.

Rahimi was also ordered to pay $563,000 to victims.


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