The ‘Dream’ of Seeing Kelly Clarkson Gets Real in a Hurry for Rowdy Fan Who’s Thrown Out by Security

It was probably a dream come true for many Kelly Clarkson fans when the singer performed at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last August.

But one livid fan says her dream quickly became a nightmare, when security and allegedly “racist cops” dragged and carried her away from the concert, eventually cuffing her and placing her under arrest.

Now, TMZ has obtained footage of the incident, in which angry fan Andrea Ugalde says she was targeted for being Latina.

Ugalde alleges that security guards at the show began by accusing her of being in the wrong section and asking her to leave.

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Image Credit: TMZ

She explained that she showed the guards her ticket with the number of the seat she was in, and then she refused to leave.

That, she said, is when things got physical.

Security footage from the concert venue shows a woman whom Ugalde says is her being dragged and carried by her arms and legs and handed over to the LAPD.

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Image Credit: TMZ

But TMZ has also obtained documents detailing Ugalde’s lawsuit, in which the young woman claims that guards punched and kicked her, and that police struck her in the neck, back and shoulders.

Ugalde told TMZ that she felt she was targeted for being Latina, saying that the security guards were mostly white – one was of Middle Eastern descent.

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Image Credit: TMZ

TMZ spoke to the police in who were in attendance at the concert, who told them that Ugalde was arrested for misdemeanor battery after allegedly “fighting back.”

The case against Ugalde was eventually dropped, due to lack of evidence.

Ugalde’s lawsuit – which is still proceeding – is against Staples Center, the City of L.A. and several individual officers.

Neither the Staples Center nor the LAPD have released official statements or answered queries thus far.

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