The Greatest Super Bowl Moment May Have Happened Before Kickoff–When George & Barbara Bush Arrived

After a brief stint in the hospital, George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara were back in action Sunday night to help open Super Bowl 51.

The 41st president and his wife took to the field in NRG Stadium in Houston,Texas, to perform the opening coin toss, and they did it in their own predictably adorable fashion. Watch the touching moment here:

The former president was released from the hospital earlier this week after being treated for pneumonia. His wife, Barbara, had also been hospitalized due to bronchitis. They had previously been rumored to be performing the opening coin toss for the Super Bowl, but their health issues led to questions about their ability to appear at the game.

Nevertheless, with a tweet earlier this week, Bush confirmed he’d be playing a vital role in the big game:

The Bushes also met with the Vice President and his family.

Also, the Bushes had already been married 21 years when the first Super Bowl was played.

And just a reminder that George and Barbara Bush are America’s cutest couple.

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We’re all happy to see the former president and his wife out of the hospital and in good spirits.

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