The Lines to Buy Guns on Black Friday Show That Americans Love the Second Amendment More Than Ever

Hordes of people leave their houses early in the morning of Black Friday to score great deals on clothes, electronics and gifts for everyone on their list. But Walmart and Best Buy haven’t been the only stores with lines in recent years.

Shooters, a gun store in Jacksonville, Florida, had a line that wrapped around the store as customers expressed their approval for combining discounts and the Second Amendment.

With prices up to 75 percent off, a number of Americans decided to ditch the TV lines and head to the gun stores instead.

Gun Sales
Image Credit: Cabela’s

Marisa Banks took advantage of the sales to purchase her daughter’s Christmas gift and get her away from her electronics:

“Well, I think this is more important than any TV that you can buy. I mean, this gets her outdoors and away from the internet and TV, just in general. Kids do that too much these days.”

This year has been one of the largest for gun sales, with over 185,000 background checks being done.

Florida is well known for the feasibility of obtaining a gun, but even much stricter states like New Jersey also saw an increase in sales.

Gun Sales
Image Credit: Screenshot/CNN Money

Rick Friedman, co-owner of RTSP in Randolph, New Jersey, said that on Black Friday gun stores are just like any other store, “we want to draw people in, get them interested.”

RTSP had initially anticipated a Clinton victory, so they stocked up 8-12 months worth of inventory for extra sales.

Friedman was expecting to be spending his Black Friday a little bit differently:

“If Hillary would have won, we would have lost the war and won the battle. We were gearing up for a much different result. The rush that would have happened if Clinton had won, I think is going to calm the industry down a bit.”

He went on to elaborate on the long-term effects of the election results:

“Again, we might have lost the short battle of having a lot of gun sales and a nice quick run but we hopefully have won the war…I would easily give up the next four to six months of increased gun sales because Hillary was elected and then have to worry about the fight for the next four years.”

Ryan Reyes, manager of LI Outdoorsman on Long Island, New York, was pleased with his Black Friday sales. Reyes said he sold 15 guns on Friday instead his usual two or three.

The Second Amendment was a hot topic during the election and it seems — judging by the turnout on Black Friday — that there are many Americans who are interested in leaving it just where it is….in the Constitution.

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