The NRA Is Now Officially a ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’ in San Francisco

The National Rifle Association has been having a difficult time maintaining a positive public image after a series of negative stories over the past few months. That battle worsened this week when the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to label the NRA as a “domestic terrorist organization.”

District Supervisor Catherine Stefani wrote in the resolution, “The National Rifle Association spreads propaganda that misinforms and aims to deceive the public about the dangers of gun violence,” according to KTVU.

Stefani explained to KTVU, “The NRA has it coming to them, and I will do everything that I possibly can to call them out on what they are, which is a domestic terrorist organization.”

The resolution was put together after the Gilroy shooting in California, where a gunman killed three people and injured 13 just south of San Francisco. Stefani highlighted that shootings continued nationwide, saying, “Then the next weekend we had Dayton, Ohio. We had El Paso, Texas. Now we’ve had Odessa, Texas, and people are dying every day in this country. And doing nothing is not an option, and that it what the NRA continues to do.”

The NRA shot back, “This ludicrous stunt by the Board of Supervisors is an effort to distract from the real problems facing San Francisco, such as rampant homelessness, drug abuse, and skyrocketing petty crime, to name a few. The NRA will continue working to protect the constitutional rights of all freedom-loving Americans.”

President Donald Trump has stood behind the National Rifle Association and has seemed to back away from potential gun control measures. But he has said that he supports naming Antifa as an “organization of terror.”

The NRA has had a rough couple months, they reported losing tens of millions of dollars and there have been a number of power struggles in the organization recently.


  1. Rather than deal with their homeless, drug issues, typhus outbreaks, and rising crime SF now calls the NRA terrorists. Way to lose convention dollars you pinheads (as if that would ever happen).

    How about dealing with your loss of tourism dollars, the piles of shit, reeking puddles of piss, and used hypodermics littering your streets? Then there’s the Left’s bogeyman: vast income inequality.

    I will never go back to SF for all those reasons and the extortionary fees and taxes that the “leaders” still frivol away.

  2. San Freakcisco has been spiraling downward since the late 1940’s and eventually will hit bottom. What was once a beautiful city is now an abject cesspool.

  3. “The NRA will continue working to protect the constitutional rights of all freedom-loving Americans.” NRA

    The NRA is confused. The NRA continue to work for the profits of the gun companies.


  4. Wow… this is wrong. The NRA is having their own internal issues and stupid crap like this is just going to renew support because its going to paint legal gun owners who are associated with the NRA as terrorists (which will rightfully piss a lot of people off).

    Even with spreading misinformation, the NRA wouldn’t fit the definition of terrorist and that really isn’t a line that has any gray.

    Get your **** together San Fransisco. This is such an idiot move.

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