The Parcel Bomb Suspect Has a Lengthy Arrest History

The man FBI agents have arrested for sending at least a dozen parcel bombs to public figures critical of President Donald Trump has multiple criminal charges on his record from previous arrests.

Two federal officers named the suspect as Cesar Sayoc, a 56-year-old Florida resident who was arrested in Plantation, Florida, early Friday on suspicion of sending parcels containing pipe bombs to high-ranking Democratic officials and advocates, including former President Barack Obama, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and actor Robert De Niro.

Cesar Altieri Sayoc in an August 2015 booking photo. Broward County Sheriff’s Office/via REUTERS

According to records, Sayoc is a registered Republican and has been charged with multiple crimes from 1991-2015. Some of these charges were dropped or dismissed, while others led to convictions.

According to a background check, his previous arrest records include:

  • Charges of possessing or selling methamphetamines and testosterone
  • Charges of petit theft under 300 dollars
  • Charges of retail theft
  • Charges of grand theft in the third degree
  • Charge of battery
  • Charge of withholding evidence
  • Charge of a fraudulent refund

Sayoc has also been charged in multiple driving-related crimes, from driving on a suspended license, possessing a fake driver’s license, and miscellaneous traffic and registration charges.

Reuters has also reported that he was accused of making a bomb threat.

The case is currently ongoing. The arrest records, obtained through a background check by an IJR employee via, have since been removed. Screenshots can be seen below:

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He’s a nut even if he was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

Robert Aldrich

Sorry to admit this, but it sure would have been nice to have had this idiot cull the liberal herd a bit. Oh well, I will just have to wait for another deranged soul to succeed where he failed. Just kidding, KO.

Anne Causey

Is it me, or did anyone else notice how new those signs in his van windows looked? I mean, seriously, with the hot Florida sun . . . how does he posters not fade? I mean not a one of them. {scratching head}


“Sayoc is a registered Republican”

Just to point out the elephant in the room.





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