No matter how stupid the Trump administration gets, it can always get stupider.

After new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci tweeted and deleted an apparent threat over the “leak” of a financial disclosure form that was actually publicly available, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on “Fox & Friends” to Conway-splain the whole thing.

Conway began by saying that Scaramucci is absolutely right to object to a leak that wasn't actually a leak, because nobody leaking anything proves someone is out to get The Mooch. Then, she made a plea for all those current and potential Trump administration employees who risk every fiber of their carpal tunnels by filling out paperwork (emphasis mine):

"I think the most important part of Anthony's tweet was when he talked about FBI and DOJ. He's making clear that even though the documents are eventually procurable publicly, that somebody doesn't want him here, and somebody is trying to get in his way and scare him off from working here, which is a huge mistake.

Number two, there are so many qualified men and women who wanted to serve this president, this administration and their country who have been completely demoralized and completely, I think, disinclined to do so based on the paperwork that we have to put forward divesting assets, the different hoops you have to run through because this — this White House is transparent and accountable, and we've all complied with those rules, but they are disincentivizing good men and women. I hope it doesn't disincentivize Anthony."

Fair enough. It's not like they risked their lives in combat only to be suddenly fired via Twitter by the Bigot in Chief, but doing paperwork is really hard!

Conway went on to accuse Obama administration holdovers of leaks, which has me struggling to remember which post-Reince Priebus, or even Anthony Scaramucci, held in the Obama White House.

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