For a guy who loved to criticize the last president for taking too much vacation, Donald Trump sure takes a lot of vacation.

As the president kicks off a 17-day vacation at his golf club in New Jersey, the International Business Times did some math (via Raw Story):

[B]y the end of this vacation, Trump will have taken 53 days at leisure. Compared to Obama’s 15 vacation days at the end of August during his own first term as president.

In their first years, Jimmy Carter took only 19 vacation days, Ronald Reagan took 42 days of vacation, George H.W. Bush took 40, Bill Clinton took 21 days, George W. Bush took 69, and Obama ended his first year with 26 vacation days, according to The Annenberg Public Policy Center’s Fact Check.

What about the golf? Remember how much golf Obama played? It was like a whole thing with people. Trump used to tweet about it to needle the former president, when he wasn't needling him about his birth certificate:

Golf! Martha's Vineyard! His “native” Hawaii! The very cheek!

Remember how Trump used all this as a cudgel during the campaign? How he was going to be so busy working for the American people, he wouldn't have time for golf? How he would have so much to do to save the country, he would hardly ever leave the White House? (That was before he found out the White House is a yuuuuuge dump.)

And now he has spent nearly a third of his days in office playing golf at one of his clubs. Oh, and having meetings, according to his staff, though no one ever seems to know who he is meeting with or what topics they discuss.

Sarcasm aside, we're big fans of presidents taking vacations. With the great machinery of the presidency — the aides and security and modern communications — no president is ever fully off the job. They are always on call for emergencies, for meetings, for appearances, for whatever comes up. Plus, it's a stressful job. They should get three hours on a Saturday to go hit some golf balls or something.

But Trump, having spent years perpetuating the myth that the last president was a layabout who never did anything but take vacations at taxpayer expense, now spends most of his time as a layabout who seems to never do anything but take vacations at taxpayer expense, as these nuggets from Newsweek indicate:

In April, Elaine Godfrey of The Atlantic used news reports about Trump’s well-chronicled habits to calculate that he watches about five hours of television daily. ... “He gets bored and likes to watch TV,” as Politico summarized the insight of one White House insider.


Mark Leibovich, a politics reporter for the The New York Times Magazine, recently paid a visit to the White House and was, to his great surprise, led into “a small dining room just off the Oval Office” to meet the president. It was a weekday afternoon. Trump was alone, watching a recorded episode of Fox & Friends.

We imagine this vacation for Trump is just like a normal day, only he'll be watching his daily five hours of TV in a different building.

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