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On Friday, Donald Trump left town for a 17-day vacation at his golf resort in Bedminster, NJ, where he once told his rich golfing buddies that the White House was “a real dump.”

This latest retreat has gotten heavy criticism over Trump's hypocrisy at having lambasted his predecessor for far less frequent leisure time, and even less frequent time on the links.

Trump responded to that hypocrisy with yet another helping of hypocrisy on Saturday, sending an anonymous “White House official” to brief reporters on Trump's busy schedule, and to once again weirdly refuse to admit that Trump would be golfing at his golf course (pool report via email from The White House):

The official briefed the pool on POTUS' activities today and for the rest of his “working vacation.”

“The President will be having meetings with Chief of Staff General Kelly, other White House advisers and lawmakers while at Bedminster over next two weeks,” the official said.

The official said POTUS plans to meet with Kelly today but provided no further details about future meetings with lawmakers or other advisers.

The official would not say if POTUS plans to play golf today and provided no other details on his plans for the rest of the day.

Apparently, Trump's “working vacation” isn't fooling The Hill pool reporter Jordan Fabian, who filed the report.

Trump and his minions have famously attacked the press for the standard practice of using anonymous sources, but feel free to use them for obviously important things like making sure nobody knows if Trump is playing golf.

Update: Well, I guess this answers that:

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