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The Trumps, just making friends and influencing people all over.

In the wake of President Donald Trump's announcement that daughter Ivanka will “lead the U.S. delegation” to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India this fall, an Indian diplomat had this to say to the editor of the Hindustan Times:

Is this the Indian version of “I wouldn't say they're sending their best people?”

Remember during the campaign, when Trump kept telling us that, thanks to Obama, no one respected America anymore? But once he was in office, the U.S. would start “winning” again? Those were fun times.

Raw Story points us to this Hindustan Times editorial with some more color:

Having risen to power on a plank of avowed opposition to dynastic politics, it probably wasn’t easy for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to invite United States President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump to India for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in November.


Mr Modi’s invite to Ms Trump has generated a fair amount of unease because Ms Trump’s career credentials have almost entirely been built within her father’s business empire. But before criticising Mr Modi’s decision, please do remember that Ms Trump is a senior advisor to the US president, Donald Trump. By inviting Ms Trump, Mr Modi is taking one for the team, and the nation.

The Hindustan Times is one of the largest and most influential newspapers in India. And its editorial board calls inviting the president's daughter to visit “taking one for the team.”

It might mean nothing to the nationalists in the White House, but the possibility — nay, the likelihood — that this sentiment prevails among our other allies is enormously embarrassing. To say nothing of how much damage is being done to our relationships with other nations, painstakingly built and maintained for decades by a diplomatic corps the president now dismisses with a wave of his hand.

It is one of the drawbacks of Trump's America First mindset, this belief that we can bully other nations and dictate terms. The world simply doesn't work that way.

Our advice to Ivanka: Don't start warming up that Senate seat quite yet.

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