President Donald Trump held an impromptu press conference in the lobby of Trump Tower on Tuesday afternoon, ostensibly to talk about infrastructure. Because it is Infrastructure Week, in case you missed it.

What the press and anyone else who tuned in got was a combative Trump calling the assorted reporters the “fake media,” patting himself on the back for the just super-awesome job he thinks he did in denouncing-not-denouncing the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend, bragging he has created over a million jobs since becoming president, and asking if, after all the Robert E. Lee statues are gone, the nation will be tearing down any of George Washington's next.

Oh, and he defended the right-wing protesters from the weekend and tried to blame “both sides” for the violence. It was fiery!

Let's go to the tapes! Here is the president claiming that the CEOs who have spent the last 36 hours resigning from the President's Manufacturing Council are doing so out of “embarrassment” about their manufacturing practices, and not embarrassment over being associated with him after he defended the white supremacists who ran amok in Charlottesville this weekend:

Here he is taking a question about whether he missed an opportunity to bring the country together this weekend by claiming people are happy because he has created over a million new jobs since becoming president. (Spoiler alert: He really hasn't.):

Here he is prejudicing the entire jury pool against the driver of the car who allegedly killed Heather Heyer and injured 19 other people on Saturday. I'm sure his defense attorney will love playing a clip for the jury in which the president of the U.S. called his client a murderer:

No good press conference is complete without a president blaming both the neo-Nazis and white supremacists and the people protesting their despicable ideology. Oh, and also claiming that some people were not neo-Nazis and white supremacists but were just there to protest taking down the statue of Robert E. Lee, as if doing so has nothing to do with white supremacy. Also, Stonewall Jackson statues are coming down, which I guess is also bad, somehow:

And later he returned to his theme of “both sides were equally bad!” He also wanted to know, again, if America will be taking down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as well, because both of them owned slaves:

Our president cannot distinguish between two Founding Fathers who were hypocrites about freedom while owning slaves and a person who committed treason by leading a secessionist army in a war that killed 600,000 people. I would find this more amazing if my expectations had not already sunk so low you would need James Cameron and his bathysphere to find them.

Anyway, go watch the whole thing above because it is amazing. And then mix yourself several very stiff drinks.

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