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Someone should tell Kellyanne Conway that the Bible has not been rewritten recently, and in fact still says that lying is a sin.

Conway was interviewed by Pat Robertson on “The 700 Club” on Tuesday morning, because Donald Trump has strong support among Evangelical voters who are presumably snowed by this sort of line:

ROBERTSON: What's the one thing you think about Donald Trump? You've gotten to know him pretty well. What characteristic stands out in your mind?

CONWAY: It's one that most of the media never associate with him and I would say it's humility ... With the gravity and responsibility has come a great deal of humility.

Nothing says “humility” more than a guy who licenses his name to be slapped on the side of skyscrapers in golden letters several stories high. Seriously, there is nothing about Donald Trump that says he has an ounce of humility, even in office.

He kicked off his term forcing his press secretary to claim he'd had the largest inauguration crowd in history and brags he has accomplished more in his first seven months in office than any other president. (He hasn't.) If the audience for “The 700 Club” falls for this, it deserves to be lied to.

More from Conway:

“President Trump and his family have sacrificed mightily for him to vie for the presidency and indeed hold the presidency.”

So they keep telling us. They also threw themselves so wholeheartedly into the project that at least some of them have now had to hire criminal defense lawyers. To say nothing of the fact that Trump and the relatives he has brought to work in the White House have not divested themselves of their businesses.

So while they may not be taking salaries, they are lining their pockets in many, many other ways with a wealth of riches that will far outlast Trump's term or — God help us all — terms in office.

Conway had some more alternative facts for us, which you can see in the clip at the bottom:

“That same person always had a capacity for compassion and generosity.”

Yeah, we have all heard about his famous charitable giving to himself.

“Much of the help that he has given people doesn't see the light of day, doesn't become publicized. ... He's famous for reading articles about people in the paper and taking out the Sharpie and writing and then asking someone on his team in Trump Tower to go and find that person so he can speak with them and perhaps help them.”

If this sort of thing doesn't get publicized, how is he famous for it? Anyway, some examples would be nice, because the paucity of Trump's charitable giving, despite his billions of dollars, is well-documented.

You know who used to write personal checks to Americans who sent him letters describing their struggles? Barack Obama. But of course he was some sort of socialist who hated America.

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