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Senior White House Adviser and Post-9/11 Camaraderie Enthusiast Kellyanne Conway spoke to Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Monday night about the solemn day of remembrance that was Monday's anniversary of the September 11 attacks, and how Donald Trump is honoring all the sacrifices America has made in the past 16 years by building a giant useless wall and yanking health insurance coverage from upward of 20 million people.

But first, Conway had to reassure Dobbs that Trump is enormously focused on what is most important about the never-ending War on Terror. Namely, that Hillary Clinton sucks:

“This is a president who won in large part because he is tough on terrorism and continues to be. Hillary Clinton at her convention last year referred to the terrorists as quote, as not as terrorists, never said the word, but as our quote determined enemies, as if we're playing a rugby match against them.”

Whereas if Clinton had just said the magic words “Klaatu barada nikto...” — sorry, I mean the magic words “radical Islamic terrorists” — the enemy would have disappeared off the face of the earth. This insistence that refusing to say “radical Islamic terrorists” is a sign of weakness and not a deliberate rhetorical strategy to avoid alienating the planet's 1.8 billion Muslims remains one of the most baffling tics of the right.

Dobbs immediately reiterated this:

“Today, not a member of the administration referred to radical Islamists. They did not name the enemy. This looks like to some like further influence on the part of some within the administration trying to go to the politically correct and the long war doctrine of David Petraeus, trying to engage on the sensibilities of the enemy that is vicious and barbaric and means nothing less than our destruction. Is this a time to be concerned that there has been a reversal on the part of the administration that we will no longer name our enemies?”

As I was saying. This administration also doesn't like to say “anthropogenic climate change,” but I bet that has killed more Westerners and caused more destruction in the past two weeks, at least, than any radical Islamic terrorist.

Conway, as is her job, reassured Dobbs that by no means has the president lost sight of the importance of soothing his fears with useless rhetoric. He is also a president who has not forgotten the promises he made to his base:

“He wants that border wall constructed. He wants Congress to get to the task of paying for it, along with other big legislative priorities like tax reform, immigration reform, including enforcement and e-verify and other measures, as you know. He spoke very loudly and clearly on DACA last week through his attorney general and elsewise.”

He spoke much less than clearly on DACA, where there seems to be no plan other than “Do something, Congress, or else I might consider doing something six months from now if DACA recipients haven't all helped me out by self-deporting by then.” Please continue:

“And this is a president who also is willing to still repeal and replace Obamacare and start with infrastructure. We just need a Congress that's willing to do that. We call on the Democrats across the aisle to join in. Some of them have been very complimentary of the president's leadership throughout these hurricanes and the recovery efforts. And we also need for them to do right by their constituents at home who deserve a tax break. The 29 million Americans who don't have any health care coverage, who were lied to by the past president.”

The president just last week tweeted that it was time to give up on repealing and replacing Obamacare. The 29 million Americans who lack health care coverage would have been joined by another 24 million if the Senate's plan had passed in July. And the vast, vast majority of the tax breaks under consideration in the so-called “Big Six” tax reform plan would go to the wealthiest Americans, a tiny minority of the people back home in both Democratic and Republican districts.

Aside from all those minor talking points being 100 percent incorrect, Conway did great! At least Dobbs was friendlier to her this time.

Watch the entire segment below.

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