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After a long wind-up, Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign tome “What Happened” hit shelves and e-readers Tuesday morning, and is sure to spawn more deranged hit-pieces than a jar of Obama-era Dijon mustard. But there's at least one thing that most people will be able to agree on from Clinton's book: that Kellyanne Conway is an artiste with an absurd lie.

While Conway is busy bragging about being the first woman to help elect a sexual assault aficionado, Hillary Clinton is mostly ignoring Conway in her new book. Conway only receives one mention, and it's a funny-because-it's-true zinger:

But Trump has taken the war on truth to a whole new level. If he stood up tomorrow and declared that the Earth is flat, his counselor Kellyanne Conway just might go on Fox News and defend it as an “alternative fact,” and too many people would believe it. Just look at what happened several weeks into his presidency when Trump falsely accused President Obama of having wiretapped him, a claim that was widely and quickly debunked. A subsequent poll found that 74 percent of Republicans nevertheless thought it was at least somewhat likely to be true.

Conway has been obsessed with shoehorning attacks on Hillary Clinton into as many discussions as possible since the election, perhaps as a substitute for the shower she wishes she could take to wash the stink of Donald Trump's presidency off of her. But Hillary Clinton seems to have completely forgotten Conway, except as the punchline to a national joke.

Watch Conway birth her legendary synonym for lies below, via NBC News.

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