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Hillary Clinton appeared on the “Today” show Wednesday morning to plug her new book and continue what so many people seem to think should be some sort of apology tour for losing the 2016 election.

“Today” show co-host Matt Lauer had come in for some harsh criticism in the book over his moderating of a forum with Clinton and Donald Trump during the campaign. So he made it clear right off the bat that while he acknowledged the fact of that criticism, maybe Clinton has not yet publicly flogged herself enough for his satisfaction:

LAUER: There is a lot of criticism in this book, and effort of full disclosure, you criticize me pretty soundly in a few pages of this book. When it comes to the self-inflicted wounds, when you look at the list of them, and you go through them in the book, did you make enough mistakes yourself to lose the election without any of the other things you talk about?

CLINTON: Well I will say no, Matt.

She does kind of say yes in the book, when she tells the reader that at the end of the day, it was her campaign, and she takes responsibility for the choices made that led to her loss.

But beyond that, what did Lauer expect her to say? That media malpractice like his big campaign goof — hosting a forum that was supposed to be about foreign policy but which he instead spent an enormous chunk of grilling her about her email server, a choice for which he was excoriated by fellow journalists — shares zero responsibility for putting Donald Trump in office?

There is a good case to make that the media's overhyping of the email server story, particularly the rush to breathlessly cover the letter then-FBI director James Comey released about re-opening the investigation 11 days before the election, cost Clinton the White House. That does not take away from mistakes her campaign made. She is, by all accounts, very candid about that in her book. But don't expect the likes of Lauer to take it to heart.

Watch the entire interview below.

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