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Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

At Wednesday's press briefing, White House press secretary and Mom in Your 7 a.m. Jazzercise Class Sarah Huckabee Sanders took a break from calling for a private citizen to be fired so she could take Hillary Clinton to task for having the temerity to see last year's election in a different light than the Trump team sees it:

Q: If I could follow up on a comment that Hillary Clinton made this morning. She said that she wished President Trump was the president for all Americans. Do you have any reaction to this characterization of the president's role in the White House?

SANDERS: I think that type of misunderstanding of who this president is and, frankly, a misunderstanding of what he's been doing is exactly one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton is not the president and is instead pushing a book with a lot of false narratives and a lot of, I think, false accusations, and placing blame on a lot of other people instead of accepting it herself.

Huckabee Sanders made the “false accusations” accusation on Tuesday too. Would someone at today's briefing mind following up by asking her exactly what accusations in Clinton's book she believes are false? Because it seems like maybe she's accusing Clinton of libel or something, and we know this president loves his lawsuits.

Yes, you, Mark Landler of the New York Times:

Q: Thank you, Sarah. Two questions, if I may. One is, just since you raised the issue of Mrs. Clinton’s book having a false narrative and false accusations, could you point us to a couple specific accusations in the book that you believe are factually incorrect?

SANDERS: I think probably the biggest one is anyplace within the book where she lays blame for the loss on anyone but herself.

As we keep pointing out, Hillary Clinton takes plenty of the blame onto her own shoulders. But as we and many others have also pointed out, one can easily make the case that in fact misogyny, white resentment, media malpractice (particularly with regard to the emails story), the Comey letter, the rarity of a party winning a third straight White House term, a Russian disinformation campaign that may have worked really well, and the ridiculous amount of free media coverage given to Trump by news networks — just to name a few — all bear some responsibility for the loss.

And again, as we always have to point out, she did, in fact, win the popular vote by 3 million, which is not small.

Basically, Trump's election was a perfect storm of screw-ups, rat-f******* by various entities, a legitimacy crisis stemming from an outdated Electoral College that the country has ignored for centuries at its peril, and a million other factors. Including, yes, Clinton's campaign making some mistakes from which it could not recover.

None of which answers Landler's question to Huckabee Sanders about the alleged “false accusations” in the book. It remains an open one that hopefully reporters will keep asking.

Watch Huckabee Sanders accuse the former secretary of state of writing fiction below.

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