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Trump UNGA lunch 9-19

Screenshot/Washington Post Video

Taking the old “America First” nationalism out for a walk in front of world leaders can really work up the appetite. So President Donald Trump must have been thrilled by the menu at the luncheon he attended at the U.N. after his speech Tuesday morning.

From the pool report:

The menu started with wild rocket and baby red romaine lettuce, roasted chanterelle mushrooms, haricot verts, grilled stone fruit and white balsamic and truffle vinaigrette served with a 2016 Xavier Flouret Sancere from France.

Perfect for a president who had just referred to another world leader as “Rocket Man” in a major speech.

Wild rocket is a type of arugula. Fancy! Hmm, where have we all heard about a president having the nerve to eat a salad with such fancy lettuce in it before?

Oh right, it was here and here and here and here and — eh, you get the idea.

Obviously, it was not as much of a slap in the face to Americans as the one time President Barack Obama put some sort of gourmet, fancy pants dijon mustard on a hamburger as if he was a socialite in a Hamptons burger bar, but it was close!

I look forward to Sean Hannity kicking off his move to the 9:00 p.m. slot by attacking Donald Trump for being out of touch with the common man.

Also, your regular reminder that arugula is just a kind of friggin' lettuce that you can buy in any major supermarket, even in red states.

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