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Donald Trump's legendary insecurity reared its shriveled little head again this week, coupled with just a hint of on-the-nose Orwellian allegory. It was just a few days ago that Trump was in Alabama campaigning for appointed Senator Luther Strange (R-AL), and against the First Amendment and Black people.

Trump's assaults on the latter remain matters of public record and ongoing activity, but the former apparently never happened. After Strange was defeated by Judge Roy Moore, Trump deleted four tweets in support of Strange:

The deletions still leave about a dozen pro-Strange tweets on Trump's Twitter feed, but takes care of the most recent and visible reminders that he backed a loser, and renders them completely inaccessible to the surely large number of Trump supporters who are unable to operate the scroll function.

Since Trump's Twitter presidency began, there have been complaints that his Twitter deletions violate the Presidential Records Act, which is a stretch, but they certainly do violate the standard of guts that Americans usually expect their presidents to have.

Deleted tweets, which never really go away, aren't such a big deal. Trump's fragile ego is another story, one which becomes more dangerous every day.

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