Trump Breaks Down and Lets the Indictment Panic Flow

| OCT 29, 2017 | 3:00 PM

After a day of kinda behaving himself, Donald Trump finally broke out of whatever Twitter jail John Kelly managed to lock him in after it was revealed that Trump-Russia special counsel Robert Mueller has filed his first charges in the investigation.

Following a series of relatively restrained and off-topic tweets on Saturday, Trump woke up Sunday morning with itchy thumbs and a case of indictment fever.

The substance of Trump's barrage was disappointingly unoriginal, rehashing the panicked narratives that he and his administration had been flogging all week, but there were buckets of flop sweat in the style, and reckless desperation in the ominous dismount:

That kicker raises several questions, chief among them just who is he commanding to “DO SOMETHING?”

There really is no good answer to that question, but at the scarier end of the scale, it does foreshadow the kind of desperation that could ensue when Trump is eventually removed from office, as I believe he will be. He will not go quietly, and while I still naively retain the belief that elected Republicans will be forced to abide by Mueller's conclusions, Trump's millions of fans won't go quietly either.

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