Trump's Favorite White Supremacy Defender Thinks Latinos Have Reached 'A New Low in Politics'

| OCT 31, 2017 | 5:05 PM
Gillespie split

If you live in the alternate reality that is the “Fox & Friends” Curvy Couch, then the viciously bigoted campaign for governor of Virginia has just now taken a vicious, race-baiting turn because a political action committee, the Latino Victory Fund, ran an ad against Republican candidate Ed Gillespie they say depicts all Republicans as racists.

But the ad itself actually depicts immigrant women and children having nightmares about being chased down by a Confederacy-supporting Gillespie supporter in a pickup truck:

Gillespie appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning to react to the ad, which apparently made him sad:

“I thought it was a sad day for Virginia, and this attack is not just an attack on my supporters, who are good, decent, hard-working Virginians who love their neighbors, it's an attack on all Virginians, Steve. And in Virginia, we respect civil discourse, and this is a new low in politics. It's a sad day.”

I'm going to stop you right there, Ed, because not only are you the same guy who held a fundraiser for George Allen not two weeks after the infamous “Macaca” incident, and not only have you been running Willie Horton-style ads against your opponent, and not only have you been running explicitly on defending white supremacist monuments, you were endorsed by Donald Trump specifically because you want to protect those “great” white supremacist monuments. You couldn't see a new low in politics with a telescope.

As for the Latino Victory Fund ad, I'd say it is a pretty fair depiction of the anxieties that many Americans face in the Trump era, and many Virginians would face in the Trump-Gillespie era. If anything, it gives whatever decent, hard-working Virginians who are supporting Gillespie the chance to see what their candidate's campaign means to people they might not otherwise be considering. For whatever reason.

Watch the full interview below.

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